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WQ series submersible sewage pump developed in Shanghai Liancheng absorbs the advantages with the same products made abroad and at home, holds a comprehensive optimized design on its hydraulic model, mechanical structure, sealing, cooling, protection, control etc. points, features a good performance in discharging solids and in the prevention of fiber wrapping, high efficiency and energy-saving, strong reliability and, equipped with a specially developed electric control cabinet, not only the auto-control can be realized but also the motor can be made sure to work safely and reliably. Available with various types of installation to simplify the pump station and save the investment.


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WQ series submersible sewage pump developed by Shanghai Liancheng has absorbed the advantages of similar products at home and abroad, and has been comprehensively optimized in hydraulic model, mechanical structure, sealing, cooling, protection and control. It has good performance in discharging solidified materials and preventing fiber winding, high efficiency and energy saving, and strong possibility. Equipped with a specially developed special control cabinet, it not only realizes automatic control, but also ensures the safe and reliable operation of the motor; Various installation methods simplify the pumping station and save investment.

Product features

1. Sealing method: mechanical sealing;

2. Most of the impellers of pumps below 400 caliber are double-channel impellers, and a few are multi-blade centrifugal impellers. Most of the 400-caliber and above are mixed-flow impellers, and very few are double-channel impellers. The flow channel of the pump body is spacious, the solids can easily pass through, and the fibers are not easily entangled, which is most suitable for discharging sewage and dirt;

3. Two independent single-ended mechanical seals are installed in series, and the installation mode is built-in. Compared with the external installation, the medium is less likely to leak, and at the same time, the seal friction pair is more easily lubricated by the oil in the oil chamber;

4. The motor with protection grade IPx8 works in diving, and the cooling effect is the best. The winding can withstand higher temperature with class F insulation, which is more durable than ordinary motors.

5. Perfect combination of special electric control cabinet, liquid level float switch and pump protection element, Realize automatic monitoring of water leakage and overheating of winding, and power-off protection in case of short circuit, overload, phase loss and voltage loss, without unattended operation. You can choose from auto-buck start and electronic soft start, which can ensure your safe, reliable and worry-free use of the pump in all directions.

Performance range

1. Rotation speed: 2950r/min, 1450 r/min, 980 r/min, 740 r/min, 590r/min and 490 r/min
2. Electrical voltage: 380V
3. Mouth diameter: 80 ~ 600 mm
4. Flow range: 5 ~ 8000m3/h
5. Lift range: 5 ~ 65m

Working conditions

1. Medium temperature: ≤40℃, medium density: ≤ 1050kg/m, PH value in the range of 4 ~ 10, and solid content cannot exceed 2%;
2. The main parts of the pump are made of cast iron or ductile iron, which can only pump the medium with slight corrosion, but not the medium with strong corrosion or strong abrasive solid particles;

3. Minimum operating liquid level: see ▼ (with motor cooling system) or △ (without motor cooling system) in the installation dimension drawing;
4. The diameter of the solid in the medium should not be greater than the minimum size of the flow channel, and it is recommended to be less than 80% of the minimum size of the flow channel. See the "main parameters"        of pumps of various specifications in the sample book for the size of flow channel. The length of medium fiber should not be greater than the discharge diameter of the pump.

Main application

Submersible sewage pump is mainly used in municipal engineering, building construction, industrial sewage, sewage treatment and other industrial occasions. Discharge sewage, waste water, rainwater and urban domestic water with solid particles and various fibers.

After twenty years development, the group holds five industrial parks in Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang etc. areas where the economy has been greatly developed, covering a total land area of 550 thousand square meters.


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